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Saving money is a vital concern for nearly everyone in these difficult times. Because of this, it is important that you find the best possible rate for your auto and homeowners insurance policy. Luckily, it is much easier to find a great rate for insurance now than ever before.

In the past, you were pretty much stuck accepting whatever type of insurance your agent could find for you. Then, around ten years ago, nearly every insurance company started offering their product online. Soon after, people started feeling as though they were insurance experts and handled their polices online themselves. This wasn't a bad thing—in many cases. However, there are downfalls to working directly with the insurance companies.

In many cases, insurance customers do not understand what type of coverage they need. They take the lowest possible rate, without looking into the repercussions that could be caused. This is fine and good—until the time comes that they need to get something back from the insurance company.

Because of this, working with an independent agency is actually still a superior way to obtain insurance. The agent can help you get the coverage you need at a price you can afford. Additionally, there are many agencies now that offer features that make it even easier. For instance, in some cases you can compare insurance quotes online.

Unlike trying to compare by visiting each site yourself, using one of these tools means that you are comparing apples to apples. Therefore, not only are you paying as little as possible, you are still getting the type of coverage you need. Spend some time researching the options, and then choose an independent agency that will make things easy for you and save you money too.



About Mr. Luis Wong


With the realization that no single insurance carrier could meet the needs of his clients and the diverse community of the Bay Area, Luis decided at the end of 2012, after approximately 4 years as a captive agent with a large insurance carrier, to affiliate his insurance agency with Penguin Insurance Services, a broker aggregate with direct access to major insurance companies in the USA, including Allied Insurance  (a subsidiary of Nationwide Insurance), Kemper Insurance, Liberty Mutual, Mapfre Insurance, Mercury Insurance, Metropolitan Life, Safeco Insurance, Mercury Insurance, and many other carriers offering preferred and sub-standard insurance products.

Whether your need is for a single auto, home or life policy, or multiple policies for your personal or business insurance needs, you can contact Luis for a personal, no-obligation consultation.

In addition, Luis holds a real estate broker license, a mortgage originator license, and served as Ambassador of the Republic of Nicaragua from 2000-2007 in Taiwan (ROC) and Chile. He attended Georgetown University where he graduated in Business Administration with majors in Finance and International Management.

Luis is committed to providing to you and your family the highest level of service with professionalism, integrity and honesty.